41 Club Social

You might find that the following message from Vice Chairman Tony has dropped into your “Junk” folder. If the links in the message below do not work look for the original in you Junk folder.

Hi 41 ers I trust you are all well

It would appear that I am becoming more and more involved in our social events, along with the kind volunteers who have adopted a month – Thanks to those who have already stepped up and committed!

To help future organisers, they always ask me certain questions, which I guess at ! So I thought it a good idea to get true feedback from our membership

Please find below a simply survey form which I would kindly ask you to spend just a minute to complete   so perhaps we can discuss the results at our meeting in Thursday

Please be aware your specific answers will never be published I will produce average graphs only, and please do not take offence at any question, these are just the variables which crossed my mind

If you are attending on Thursday then  Chairman Peter and I look forward to welcoming you, if you can not attend this meeting then perhaps its even more important to get your thoughts into the discussion pot – Thank you

See you all soon


Tony Lewis


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