World Mental Health Day

A message from National President, Peter Good

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ARE WE REALLY “EVER MINDFUL OF THOSE LESS FORTUNATE?” Within our own 41 Clubs we are all aware of the benefits that our friendship and fellowship between each other provides us with……Or are we?
We often commence meetings with the Association Grace “Lord, as we enjoy this food and fellowship, may we be ever mindful of those less fortunate”. I confess that at times I just recite these words without fully thinking about what they really mean.
Am I really mindful of my 41 Club friends and how they dealing with things? Am I worried about asking in case I might embarrass them or is it easier to just not ask? After all, they haven’t mentioned anything so things should be OK, shouldn’t it?
Events such as World Mental Health Day on Sunday 10th October 2021 are an opportunity for us all to take stock and consider how we support each other.
What can my 41 Club do?
As part of our support for addressing Men’s Mental Health issues, we are asking all Clubs in October and November to raise awareness of the help available to members from other members, in their own clubs and without. At a national level we have 41 Club Newsletters, the 41 Club Magazine, 41 Club Connects on-line events, Special Interest Groups on Facebook, and the 41 Club Facebook Members Group and Facebook Regional Groups and help pages at and of course the Buddyline itself open from 10am to 10pm 7-days a week on 03301 07 07 40 BUT the best help for members is going to come from their own clubs, therefore now is a good time for each of you to consider: 

  • Has one of your members not attended your Club meeting for a while; or not been in touch; or does someone seem a little quieter than usual or just not themselves?
  • Has anyone thought of speaking with them – just to have a chat to check they are OK?
  • Could your Club organise an informal ‘rota’ to contact those ‘infrequent’ members?
  • Has your Club sadly lost a member – has someone kept in touch with their partner?
  • Some Clubs have a ‘Welfare Officer’ to carry out the above – could your Club benefit from having such a role?
  • Are all your members aware of the 41 Club ‘Buddyline’?

All of us need to talk to someone occasionally…
Most of the time we’re OK and deal with whatever ‘stuff’ life throws at us but sometimes it’s good to talk. Most of the time it will be with our family or close friends but every now and then, the very people who are closest to us aren’t always the ones we can easily open-up to – and being men of a certain age and background, we don’t always find it easy to ask for support.
That is where the 41 Club ‘Buddies’ come in and why the ‘Buddyline’ number exists – it’s a confidential service manned by 41 Club volunteers that any 41 Club member can phone for a chat about anything they want to. More information can be found on
Please support the Association’s support for World Mental Health Day in your next Club meetings and beyond – we are all buddies to each other and what better way could there be to ensure we are all living up to our Association’s Toast – “To Continued Friendship”.
Share your story
What does your 41 Club do to support its members? How has your 41 Club helped you? How might other Clubs learn from your experience? We’re looking to raise awareness across the Association – please share your story by emailing and these will be anonymised as required, summarised and shared with Clubs to maybe encourage others to adopt similar approaches. 

Yours in Continued Friendship Peter Good National President The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs (41 Club)

Dementia UK

National President Peter Good Charity 2020-2022 – Dementia UK Peter has set up a unique and efficient fund raising page and is asking clubs to support him in these efforts.Dementia UK Fundraising

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03301 07 07 40BuddylinePhone a 41 Club Friend Is there for you from10am – 10pm, 7 Days a Week If you are lonely or just need to talk, call us

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