An Invitation to Join us on our next 41 Connects Zoom Meeting this Wednesday at 7:30pm UK time (20.30 in Spain)

An invitation to join us for our return visit to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway this Wednesday at 7:30pm, featuring Piglet! If that sentence means nothing to you just join us on Wednesday eveningto find out more! Zoom link:

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 The 41 Club Big Weekend in Nottingham was phenomenal – you will find out more in the October Newsletter shortly, in the meantime all the resolutions at the SGM were passed with the exception of the proposal to waive capitation for members aged 85 or over; although the charity resolution was amended from “establish” to “investigate”. The resolution to waive capitation for members aged 85 or over, proposed by London Old Tablers’ Society, seconded by Wimbledon Womblers, and supported by National Council, was defeated by the narrowest of margins with 66% of those attending voting in favour whereas it needed 66% +1 to be approved – if your club supported the proposal but didn’t send a voting delegate or appoint a proxy, you should consider the impact of that choice. More details will follow shortly in the October Newsletter.  Keep safe. 

Yours in Continued Friendship Don MullaneNational Comms & I.T. OfficerThe Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs (41 Club)

Dementia UK

National President Peter Good Charity 2020-2022 – Dementia UK Peter has set up a unique and efficient fund raising page and is asking clubs to support him in these efforts.Dementia UK Fundraising

41 Club View all the videos of our recent talks & events.  Also, find out how to join future Connects events.

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