Marie Williams

Our dear friend, Marie suffered a harsh stroke a few days ago. I have waited to send this post until her daughter, Maxine had visited and could give us an update.

Marie has currently lost the use of her left side. But there is nothing wrong with her thought processes. She is as sharp as ever, but, naturally, she is very frustrated. Maxine is helping her to focus her anger on recovery.

Kathy met Maxine today at Ciudad Patricia, the residence in Benidorm where Kathy’s mum, Edith now lives. Marie will probably move into the residence, in the next few days, and we will obviously visit when we are with Edith.

There she can be cared for and receive the necessary physio, occupational and even hydro therapy to drive her recovery.

Keep Marie in your thoughts, and keep in touch. Her email address is in the club directory.

Come on Marie. With affection 🤗

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