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We are in a national period of mourning for the Duke of Edinburgh, which is covered in our April Newsletter (see link below) – President Peter will be addressing this at the start of this week’s 41 Club Connects Zoom Meeting… our Snooker Special with John Parrot and Dennis Taylor; also included in this notice is our April Newsletter….and our Spring Magazine….

Before I remind you about this week’s 41 Connects Snooker Special, for those of you who missed last week’s talk by Chris Brindley, Chair of Rugby League World Cup 2021, I recommend you watch it as it was regarded as the best so far – and that’s against fierce competition! You can view a recording at: https://41clubconnects.co.uk/connects_events/

This Thursday the 15th April it’s going to be time for all the Snooker Fans out there…. To coincide with the Snooker World Championship we have an evening in conversation with two goliaths from the world of Snooker – John Parrott and Dennis Taylor. This promises to be an evening of pure enjoyment. The Zoom Log-In Details are:https://zoom.us/j/97717336126

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April Newsletter Attached to this email is a copy of our April Newsletter. You can find details of subsequent meetings there. You can also find it on-line at: https://41clubconnects.co.uk/april-2021-newsletter/

41 Club Magazine – Spring Edition The latest 41 Club Magazine (which pre-dates the death of the Duke of Edinburgh) is in production and will be in the post to you shortly, accompanied by a 41 Club Bandana from Membership to promote 41 Club and to keep you safe. Those who have opted not to receive a hard copy of the magazine, fear not, you will still receive a 41 Club Bandana! Rather than waiting for the hard copy of the magazine you can all view the page flip electronic version NOW at: https://41clubconnects.co.uk/spring-magazine-2021/ If you’d like to receive this in this format rather than hard copy in future, just ask your Secretary to amend your entry in CAS2.  You can view (most) of our past 41 Club Connects Events at:
https://41clubconnects.co.uk/connects_events/Finally you can view the latest 41 International Newsletter at:
https://41clubconnects.co.uk/41-club-communique-april-2021/ So :-

  • read the attached Newsletter
  • view the Spring Magazine
  • wait for your bandana AND
  • log-in for the Snooker Special this Thursday!

Keep safe.

Yours in Continued Friendship

Don Mullane

National Comms & I.T. OfficerThe Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs (41 Club)

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