Petition: Lobby to negotiate equal visa rights for U.K. citizens with property in EU area

I have received the following from Carole Saunders –

Good morning,

We alll have family and friends that have a second home within the European Union. At the moment, as you no doubt already know, British Citizens who do not have permanent residence in the respective european country where they have their second home, can no longer stay there for more than 90 days in any 180.

A petition has been started to try and change this. Europen citizens are allowed at the moment to stay in Great Britain a total of 180 days. It would obviously help boost the economy of Spain, if these second home owners could stay longer here, in their second homes.

Below is a link to the petition.

I am also in contact with our representative in the Spanish Central Government, César Sanchez, investigating what would be necessary to allow British Citizens, with second homes here to have the same rights as the Norwegians, Swedish and Swiss, whose countries are also not part of the Shengen agreement. 

Please be so kind as to pass the petition on to your family, friends and  association members.

Kind regards,


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