New Regulations in this area

Good evening, here are the new restrictions enforced until the 12th of April.

New measures for #COVID19, from Monday the 15th of March.

Bars and restaurants. 100% capacity of the Terraces allowed, 30% capacity of the interiors. No more than four people to a table. You must wear a mask when not eating or drinking, and when going to the WC. You are not allowed to sit at a bar. To close at 18:00h.

30% capacity of sports installations can be used.

Educational leisure activities. 30% of the area, in groups of no more than 10.

Ceremonies stay the same. 15 people in closed spaces, 20 in the open air.

No more than 4 people allowed, to meet in public spaces. Only co habitants can meet in homes.

Commerce. Shops allowed to stay open until 20:00h, only 50% of shop capacity to be used.

The perimeter of the Community of Valencia remains closed.

Curfew remains at 22:00h

Enforced until the 12th of April.

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