Bob Culley

Those of us who have ever attended an Iberian Cluster are bound to remember Vera and Bob Culley. I heard that he was seriously ill, so enquired. The following is the response from Vera. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Not sure what you know about Bob so here is a brief outline. Came out of hospital 22 January after 10 weeks. Started walking and driving towards end of Feb. whilst having dialysis 3 times a week each for 3.5 hours. On 17 March had same problems as in November. Back in local hospital (QE) various reports, has infection in blood, has a strange bug that has gone to heart, blood OK. He was given scans and heart checked all whilst still having dialysis. On 28 March moved back to Addenbrookes as they THINK he has a bug in his dialysis line/pipes so they were going to replace the line, leave it a few days then put a new one in (takes about an hour and has to be exact). They gave him a dialysis session and removed the line on Monday 31 March. It was then found that Bob has this Coronavirus and he was moved to a special ward that evening (all on his own for the night in 27 bed ward). Since then I have spoken to a doctor who says that the QE had identified the bug and he is being given a 14 day antibiotic treatment, he has 9 more days to go and then he will have the line replaced if necessary.He seems to be coping fairly well and the coronavirus appears mild. I am only guessing as I have not been able to see Bob, could not even go in ambulance). I am gardening, cooking and sorting to fill in the time.Thank you for enquiring about Bob it means a lot. Love Vera

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