Hi 41ers

I am pleased to announce that it is booked,so please put it in your diary. THURSDAY MAY 12TH 2016  is the date & we will be holding it at Restaurante Puerto Blanco.  DSC03250

I don’t need to remind you that Mine Host Patrick has looked after us for many-a-year with perfect service,and I am sure it will be as excellent as ever.

Next year,s National President Barry Durman will be joining us & I hope for many more 41ers & guests from around the globe to be with us.My club Hull Wyke has promised a good attendance, so please get your thinking caps on to see how many more you all can bring to the party.

Yours as ever, in 41

David Welpton

Vice Chaiman


  1. Excellent news and we have booked this in the diary. As 41 National President 2006/7 it was my first duty and a great honour to charter the club. Yours in Friendship Ian

    Ian Mackenzie Sent from my iPhone


  2. Still in my diary

    Sent from my iPhone as I am out and about for a change

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