February Social

Dear Members,

Beverly and I are charged with organising a Club social event in February and we have decided to organise a Car Treasure Hunt with a Spanish Menu lunch to follow.

The event is planned for the the fourth Thursday in February (Feb 23) and will take place in and around Calpe. You will need a car to travel from point to point in the area, but the hunt will take place on foot but with a minimum amount of walking, with clues to be solved in several areas. Teams will normally be two to a car, but teams of up to four will be allowed, with a very small points deduction penalty in the interests of fairness!

The cost will be 20 to 25 euros per person, to include your entry fee, a simple 3 course menu of the day with wine or other drink, and prizes for the successful!

Please could you let me know if you would like to take part, preferably before the next meeting on Feb 9th! Email me direct at hughiestewie@gmail.com

Best regards



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