Calpe 41 Club Meeting Thursday 13th October 2022

Attendees :- 14 in number including two visitors from Christchurch 41 Club. Peter Quinn & Dave Hulbert
Apologies :- Outstanding
Chairmans Rerport :- Chairman Peter welcomed everyone, and thanked them for coming.He thanked Vice Chairman Tony Lewis for Chairing the last meeting, while Peter & his wife were on a 41 Club cruise to Iceland, Which was very enjoyable with fellowship in the company of over 40 members from the Uk. Peter & Sandra’s homecoming was not so welcoming, when they discovered their apartment had been flooded out by the Apartment above. The Insurance Company promises to return everything back to how it was.
Tony Heskeith Moor is a potential member for the next meeting, unable to attend today because he has visitors.
Marie Williams is unwell and unable to attend meetings at present, but we are hoping to see her in the future, and wishing her well.
Tom Fulton is due for an operation on Friday 14th October, We all wished him a sucessful Operation, and asked Daphnie to keep us informed of his progress.
Paul Kirkpatrick accepted an invitation to be a member of Calpe 41 Club, and was voted in with a unanimous vote.
Secretary Report :- The Minutes of the previous meeting was displayed, and members asked for any amendments, corrections or actions. There were none.
Treasurers Report :- Steven May was in Australia, Chairman Peter will inform him of our new member, and the passing of two members recently. He will also ask for the Loyal toast to be included in the Club Directory, and ask if ithe Directory should be amended now, or wait till after our Charter Night.
Social Calendar :- The Vice Chairman Tony Lewis produced a members survey report, Which he had carried out to establish the preferred social events and prices. He was thanked for his efforts, which was agreed as very helpful.
Thursday 20th October :- Stuart Badman has arranged an entertaining Luncheon at Calpe Calentura Bistro for 1300 hours till 1630 hours.
Thursday 24th November :- Keith Bearmen will organise a Green Bowls Morning and Lunch, Details to foillow from Keith shortly.
Thursday 1st December :- Tony Lewis invites all members and wives/partners, to a pre Christmas Turkey & Tincel at his home :- Vista Mar 67. Calle L’Orenella 3. Benissa Costa. from 12.30am. more details to follow with the invitation.
Thursday 23rd February :- Hugh Stewart will organise an event.
Thursday 23rd March :- Andrew Johnson is planning something.
Thursday 27th April :- Dennis Vittle will plan something special.
Saturday 4th May :- Calpe 41 Club Charter Night. Chairman Peter has booked the Restaurant Puerto Blanco for the evening. Further information will be discussed nearer the event.
Chairman Peter has received a request from the National President, Jim Conway via Andrew, to contact a Walking Group from Tamworth 41 Club, staying at Benidorm from 3rd till 8th November. There are 7 Men in the walking group, (no ladies). They would like to meet up and walk with members of Calpe 41 Club. Peter has submitted a suggestion to their organiser, to walk with them on Friday 4th November, from Ifach, International Restuarant, around the coastal walk to the marina Coastal Beach Cafeteria, where members could meet up with them for Lunch and exchange Club Banners. More information to follow when I have a reply from the organiser.
A.O.B :- The passing of Martin Bentley was mentioned, Andrew Johnson attended the Funeral as a friend and representing the Calpe Club .
John McCall died on 10th October, It was agreed that Chairman Peter, would invite their ladies Carole and Hillary to join the club as Lady Associates.
Club Dress Code :- was discussed, and agreed that smart casual would be acceptable.
Club Caps, to replace the badly worn one’s will be arranged by Andrew Johnson, when members let him know how many they want.
The meeting closed in Peace and Harmony at 1310 hours. and prior to Lunch being served a minutes silence was observed for John McCall.
Grace and the Loyal Toast coupled with the Hinge of Friendship, was done by Andrew Johnson.
Date of Next Meeting Thursday 10th November.


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