Martin Bentley – Funeral arrangements

As you will know from the post on Tuesday, Martin passed away peacefully that morning, following a battle with poor health.

He and Carole have been central to life on the Costa Blanca for over 15 years, and became a much loved and very active member of 41 Club.

He was a “larger than life” personality who gave so much, through his love of music, his love of good food, his energy in fundraising, his motivation of others and his solid faith.

Martin’s funeral will be held at 2.30pm on Friday 7th October, in Wickham Bishops church, near Maldon in Essex. This is very appropriate, as Martin was Churchwarden there for several years, before moving to Moraira.

There will be a private family cremation beforehand.

Whether you attend the funeral or not, do please bear him and Carole in your thoughts.

And remember him with joy, for that is what Martin brought to so many.

There will be a live stream broadcast of part of the day. Please contact us for details if you wish to join.

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