Friends of Calpe

A group of friends of Calpe 41 Club from the Midlands met this afternoon in the home that Andrew and Kathy use each summer.

Great fun and lots of catching up. Past presidents Gordon Macnab and Elaine, and Peter Good and Lesley, National President Jim Conway and Vicky, together with founder members Ron Wasik and Carol, Keith Beaman and Paula, Derick Berridge and Maggie and Andrew Johnson and Kathy.

It wasn’t all tea!
With platters supplied by Apron Strings


  1. Lovely thank you Andrew. What a lovely afternoon it is so kind of you both. It was a great afternoon and nice to see Derek and Maggie and Ron and Carol. I swear Derek looks no different than when we first met him. Didn’t think Ron looked too good he seems to have lost a lot of weight.
    Fancy the National Pressy wife knowing my name.
    Hopefully see you in Spain in the autumn. If you are passing by us on one of your trips up north and want a coffee or lunch stop off let us know .
    Paula x

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