Yesterday’s meeting

A positive report of yesterday’s meeting from Vice Chairman, Peter

Calpe 41 Club
Meeting 10.03.2022 Grand Sol Hotel Calpe.
Apologies – Andrew Johnson. Stuart Badman. Steven May, and others not in attendance.
Attending – Peter Moore, Brian . David.Keith. Steve.Tom.Hugh. and 5 Ladies.
Chairmans’ Report – In the absence of the Chairman, Peter Moore Vice Chairman Reported on his behalf. Charter Night 17th May. Puerto Blanca Restaurant. We still have a few places open for Guests. The Winery Visit and Lunch is fully Booked. Benidorm Palace 22nd May has 10 members attending, we have more places still open for anyone wishing to attend. Tom & Patricia have offered to give a lift to anyone not wanting to drive from Calpe.
Andrew and Stuart would like a response vote to the sugestion on the idea of a shorter version of Cluster in the Future, The vote was in favour by everyone present.
Hugh gave a report on Beverley’s Heart Attack two weeks ago and the 4 stents fitted. She is progressing very well. Peter mentioned Malcolms Heart attack in Uk, he is also progressing well.
Secretary Report –
Treasurers Report –
Web Report –
Social Calendar – Alec has agreed to arrange a Luncheon for Meeting of Clubs in October. Keith will organise a Bowls morning and Lunch. Clay Pidgeon Shoot. Queen Elizebeth 2, Platnium Celebration. It was agreed that the club would arrange something outside the 3rd of June, to avoid clashing with activities arranged for the 3rd. and other suggestions to fit in with a monthly planned activity for the Club members.
A.O.B. Next Year. Tony Lewis has agreed to be Vice Chairman and Steven May has agreed to continue as Club Treasurer. We still require a Club Secretary. Our expected Guest Kevin Kerley did not arrive despite his efforts to find the Hotel. we have extended our sympathy and look forward to seeing him at the Charter Night.
41 Club Protocol was continued with Steve Moores saying Grace in a most excellent manner at the start of the meal, and Peter Moore doing his best for the Loyal Toast coupled with Absent Friends and Hinge at the conclusion of a most enjoyable Luncheon.

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