Charter Night

In my earlier post about activities in May I should have explained that Chairman Stuart is organising the Charter Night at Puerto Blanco on May 17th. And he will be collecting numbers for bookings.

My request is for expressions of interest in the other 3 events –

Wednesday May 18th – Brewery visit and tasting, at 12.00. Cost €20 a head

Wednesday May 18th – the lunch in Calpe following the brewery visit at 14.30. Cost up to €20 a head AND

Sunday May 22nd – The BeeGees tribute night at Benidorm Palace. Cost €38 a head.

I already have 8 booked for these three events, with a maximum of 24 for the brewery visit and tasting! Do please let me know if you wish to join us.

And my apologies to Stuart for not explaining the Charter Night process correctly. 😞

Best, Andrew


  1. I am Trying to see if I can get over i would have to get back before the Sunday which is a shame as it looks good

    Jill Sent from my iPad


  2. Good morning Andrew

    I trust you are both well.

    All the events scheduled for May look terrific, and Kathy & I would have loved to join in with each one.

    However, and sadly, we are away on our travels for the whole of May so therefore must give our apologies.
    It would be lovely if you could change it all to June, because then we would make sure to be there!

    Best regards and YICF


    Sent from my iPad

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