A Christmas message from the National President

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Dear friends, We have just experienced yet another challenging year. I have been unable to do many of the things your Past Presidents have done during their time of office. Probably the most missed functions have been the Cluster Dinners, which unfortunately have not been able to take place, along with missed opportunities to meet more of the members face to face.
We did manage to attend the caravan weekend, which was a great weekend meeting old friends and making new ones.
My thanks go to Dave Leon, who organised the traditional seasonal get together at the Lamb Tavern in London. I and the Presidents of Round Table and Tangent, Paul Thompson and Tracey Pickin were able to attend. It was a great opportunity to see many familiar faces as there were a record number of people attending. A lot of catching up was done as people had not had the chance to meet up for a long time.
Although things have been difficult there have been many positives. Instead of attending all dinner functions, I have been able to concentrate on moving the association forward and building up the membership encouraging new clubs to affiliate in order to attract the guys from Round Table to join us. It was a pleasure to go to Scotland twice to see seven new clubs start up, and I would like to thank Kevin Stewart for his hard work organising these visits.
It has also been a pleasure to work alongside Paul Thompson, President of Round Table. We have been able to attend many events together working side by side.
I am pleased to say that my diary is now getting busier, with new clubs in North Wales and England wanting to Charter before the end of my years in office! These are really exciting times for 41 Club, and I have found it very full-filling to visit these clubs and get to know them.
I would like to thank all the clubs that have invited me to their meetings. It has been a great way to get to know members on a personal basis, and I look forward to visiting more of you in the New Year making new friends. What a fantastic opportunity this association gives us to do this.
Two events that stand out during my two years in office are The Big Weekend in Nottingham, organised by my plc Chairman, Marcus Jones and his team. This was the first chance for everyone to get together, and was one of the best 41 Club events that I have attended in my many years of being a member. It certainly made up for missing the two conferences in Cardiff and Aviemore, and was a great success.
The other event I will always treasure in my thoughts, was the honour of laying the wreath at the Cenotaph representing the Association. This was a very moving experience. My thanks to Don Mullane and Dominic Price for organising our accommodation and an informative tour.
You will be getting another chance to meet myself and the Board on Connects at the end of February 2022, so that we can keep you updated with what is happening going forward.
Keep an eye on what is happening on Connects, as there will be another big name speaker on before I finish my term of office in April.
I would like to thank Mark House for again giving up so much of his time for another year, doing all behind the scenes work on IT for every member of the Board. As many of you are aware, Virgin Money Giving, which was hosting my donation page for Dementia U.K., closed at the end of November so I have a new page on JustGiving instead; which you can find at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/41clubpresident
I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and an improved peaceful, happy and heathy New Year. The Buddies line is open as always and is being organised be Peter McBride, so if any of you need to talk during the festive season please use it. You can call me anytime just for a chat or to discuss any problems you may have on 07887777923. Take care everyone.

Yours in Continued Friendship Peter Good National President The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs (41 Club)

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