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Dear members, I hope you and your families are all safe and well?
Firstly, like many of you I was appalled by the recent tragedy of MP Sir David Amess from Southend, he was known to many in The Round Table Family. I have on behalf of the Association sent a card of sympathy to his family. Those who serve our communities must be protected and recognised. On Behalf of 41Club – Rest in Peace Sir David.

Sir David Amess

 Moving to current actions around 41 Club, I thought it important at this stage of the year to reach out to every member, especially as we lead into the darker nights of the autumn and with Christmas only eight weekends away.
My thoughts are very much on how we ensure all members are supported during these darker nights. Many of you would have seen the Buddyline that we created through the amazing work of Peter McBride and his support team. This important support line is there for all members 7 days a-week from 10am until 10pm. Alongside this important work will be the continuation of the 41 Club Connects Events and the Special Interest Groups, from the walking group, rugby followers and of course the whisky, wine, and other sports and hobby groups.
Please join them for the extra fellowship we will all need through the winter months, each group has great activities planned, I especially enjoy the wine group!
In the last eighteen months it has been my determination to keep the business side of things going and ensuring we had a club to come back to after the dreadful Covid19 challenges, and they are still there today. However, our versatility and innovation has allowed for stronger connections, stronger than we have ever had with the support of digital activities whilst still ensure we remain a true fellowship organisation that is community focused.
Following that theme, I have set out my last six months as President with the same determination as the very first. With that in mind I wanted to share with you our plans to continue that improvement of connectivity across all groups, far and wide, all ages. 

The National Board

41 Club Connects Image

 This will be a very personal digital experience via zoom, with the chance to meet with every board member, members of the council and committees. I have asked they share their incredible work that has continued around the Association during the last eighteen months and what is planned.  The rationale behind this piece of work is that I did not want to wait until conference, there is to much urgency required in getting the information to you directly and this is something I am super committed towards, to that note I intend for there to be three of these events between now and the AGM in Cardiff. This includes membership initiative, international update – including Yap, communication strategy development, budget information from all officers and an overall insight to how we are doing as an Association financially, which I believe should long term be available quarterly to you. There will be so much more, hence why a minimum of three events. 


41 Club Connects Buddy Line Image

This amazing piece of work will continue and we as an Association will ensure that there are resources for all members that support and help us in our everyday lives. Mental Health and wellbeing for all ages is important subject to me.
All of us need to talk to someone occasionally…
Most of the time we’re OK and deal with whatever ‘stuff’ life throws at us but sometimes it’s good to talk. Most of the time it will be with our family or close friends but every now and then, the very people who are closest to us aren’t always the ones we can easily open up to – and being men of a certain age and background, we don’t always find it easy to ask for support.
That is where the 41 Club Buddies come in and why the Buddyline number has been set up.
This page provides information about the Buddyline and about other supporting organisations who you might find helpful. 

41 Club Connects
The figures of attendance speak for themselves with over 17k attendees to all our events over all platforms, I have never known such positive feedback from the membership on such a project that has supported the very DNA of who we are through these challenging times. This week we witnessed the very powerful talk by Ruth Curry, a truly amazing story.
41 Club – An organisation Fit for Purpose
There is an amazing team working in the background who are simplifying our outdated rules and standing orders. These guys are showing real innovation and will present the way forward for the Association over the next six months and support momentum into 2022/23.
Back to Events
There is no doubt that our energy as members comes from getting together and making a difference. The laughter, the fun and fellowship face to face is irreplaceable.
I witnessed this personally at “The 41 Club Big Weekend”, where the PLC team set out to create something that truly represented all age groups of our members, we also had one thing in mind, the costs of the event.
The last eighteen months have affected everyone in different ways, and we must all be mindful of this. Meaning, when my PLC put together a two-night extravaganza for £100 per person, and alternative packages offering a range of accommodation to suit all budgets, I was delighted, especially with the positive feedback.
Although the event was underwritten as a PLC Event my PLC chairman wanted to ensure full transparency of the event and will publish the detail of the accounts for the Big Weekend in the coming weeks.
This cost was a super important position for me, we need to attract all generations of 41 Club members, including newly joined younger members and those yet to join. I believe this world class event demonstrated a way forward for the future on pricing.
Finally, I would also ask as a call to action that we support Round Table through the winter months with Fireworks, Children in Need, Christmas Floats. Round Table has a great motto of “DoMore” for 41 Club Member’s we have “ContinuingToDoMore”. Let’s really show our energy this autumn with true fellowship at all events and charters. 

Yours in Continued Friendship Peter GoodNational PresidentThe Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs (41 Club)

Dementia UK

National President Peter Good Charity 2020-2022 – Dementia UK Peter has set up a unique and efficient fund raising page and is asking clubs to support him in these efforts.Dementia UK Fundraising

41 Club ConnectsVisitwww.41clubconnects.co.uk View all the videos of our recent talks & events.  Also, find out how to join future Connects events.

03301 07 07 40BuddylinePhone a 41 Club Friend Is there for you from10am – 10pm, 7 Days a Week If you are lonely or just need to talk, call us

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