Marie Williams

You might like to see the following post from Marie’s daughter, Maxine. I’m sure that Marie will welcome other visitors 🤗

Today is Mother’s Day in the US but although English, my mother Marie Williams deserves to be celebrated today and every day. I am so proud of the strength and determination she is showing in tackling the recovery from her stroke. She is getting stronger every day. Progress is very slow in regaining use of her left arm and leg and there are frustrating days when there seems to be no improvement. She has some movement in her leg but nothing yet in her arm. She’s very frustrated at losing her independence but is very strong and will not give up hope that her brain will find a new way to rewire. It can and will happen. 🙏
Today will be the hardest Mother’s Day ever as I fly back to CA for a few weeks. She is receiving amazing care in Ciudad Patricia Benidorm, with daily Physio but is obviously missing her home and daily activities terribly. Thank you so much to the friends who have visited her and will continue to do so while I’m gone. Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers. This has been a challenging and emotional 5 weeks, I thank you all for reaching out to me and your kindness. I’ll be back in Spain June 7th. Keep working hard with your exercises mum, I know you can do this. Remember we have lots more adventures ahead of us. I love you 💕💕

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