A message from Carole Saunders –

Good evening,

This is the information we received from the Centro de Salud today. Please make sure that all your members and friends, are aware of this information and that anyone over 80 should be attentive to their telephones.
I am assuming that the Security forces, ie Guardia Civil, National Police and Local Police will be vaccinated before the over 70’s. But as they are splitting which vaccine goes to which age group this could well speed up the vaccination process.
So far 3,622,165 doses of vaccinations have been distributed in Spain, 3,090,351 administered and 1,197,061 people have received the second dose. But we are a population of nearly 50,000,000, so a long way to go.
Amazingly enough after the UK and Germany we are about the 3rd best Country in Europe for getting the vaccinations out. So that has to be good.
Please take care and stay safe. I understand a lot of foreign residents are breaking the law and having visitors to their houses. At the moment it is just not worth the risk.
The President of Valencia will announce this Thursday an easing of the restrictions.
Best wishes,

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