A Murder Mystery invitation

Many of you will have met members of Market Harborough 41Club at various Iberian Clusters. Maggie and Derrick Berridge’s son Dave is a member. And he and Sue have often brought a group to join us at Cluster. We are now invited to a fun charity fundraiser, to be run by that club.

All the details are below. See the poster at the bottom. March 27th at 7pm UK time. My own UK club, Lutterworth, is also encouraging members to sign up. Kathy and I will be attending online, and have already signed up and paid. Go on. Sign up, join us and enjoy yourselves.

Murder Mystery Information

What do you need to do?

If you want to join us for another great evening of fun and fellowship and a chance to raise money for charity, here’s your chance. We would love to reserve your seats in the theatre – so if you want to come along to “Death By Chocolate”, you need to follow the “3 Steps to Heaven”

Step 1: Send an email to marketharborough41club@gmail.com telling us the name of each of your party and the 41 Club, Tangent, Round Table or Ladies Circle (as appropriate) each of you belong to. We will also create a WhatsApp Group so if you want to be in the Group please let us have a mobile number as well. 

Step 2: Register the email address you will be using for the Zoom connection on the night of the Murder Mystery. This will allow Billy and the Oompa Loompas to prepare your table for your arrival. 

Please register as soon as you can – your Zoom link to register is below.


Step 3:

Pay at least £7.50 per person (you can pay more if you want because all profits are going to charity) to the Market Harborough 41 Club bank account. The details are below:

Sort Code 40 32 04
Account Number 81044125
Please reference your payment “MM SURNAME”

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