Carole Saunders has asked us to pass this on.

Knowing how to act in case you have COVID-19 symptoms, can help better control what may arise in the following days, and in receiving help from people around you. If you have any of these symptoms, fever, cough, or respiratory problems, follow these instructions, call your Health Centre and ask if they consider you need a COVID-19 test. You should isolate yourself, taking the following steps.

  1. Isolate yourself and stay on your own in a bedroom, that has a window for ventilation, keeping the door closed, and if possible the sole use of a bathroom.
  2. Make sure you always have your telephone with you. The Health Centre will want to check on you, and so will your family and friends.
  3. If you are unable to breath, or feel seriously ill, call either112, the Valencian Health Service Call Centre 900 300 555, or your Health Centre Emergency Call Number, which for Calpe is 96 687 0450.
  4. Help yourself by taking paracetamol to control your temperature, apply damp towels to your forehead and take tepid showers. Drink plenty of liquids and rest, moving about your bedroom now and again.
  5. You must inform the people you live with, that they also, have to go into quarantine.
  6. Make sure that at home everyone knows how to wash their hands properly.
  7. If you start feeling worse, and have difficulties in breathing,and cannot reduce your temperature, call 112.
  8. You should stay in isolation, for a minimum of ten days, from the beginning of the symptoms, always at least three days after your medical condition has been resolved.
  9. Your discharge will be supervised by your Doctor from your Health Centre, following the instructions of your autonomous region.

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