Update from Denia Hospital

The following is a not unexpected update. I gather that Villajoyosa is taking similar measures.

Some important information from Denia Hospital.Please read it might save you a journey to the hospital.

The Dénia Health Department -DSD- has implemented a series of measures to adapt the public health service of the Marina Alta to the new epidemiological situation.

According to the manager of the DSD, Luis Carretero, “to respond to the current epidemiological scenario, and in coordination with the rest of the Public Health System, we have adapted our Contingency Plan and implemented a series of measures aimed at placing healthcare professionals where they can contribute the most, with the aim of attending to healthcare needs and bending the contagion curve ”.

New measures

  • Surgical activity is suspended, except for the non-delay.
  • In-person Outpatient Consultations at the Hospital and Specialty Centers are suspended and will now be carried out as telephone assistance. As a general rule, patients should not go to their scheduled appointment, unless they receive a call or SMS message indicating otherwise.
  • To improve the operation of the telephone assistance, diagnostic laboratory and radiology tests will not be affected by this measure and will continue to be performed, both in health centers and in hospitals.
  • Primary Care activity is maintained and promoted by hospital professionals.
  • The accompaniment of patients to consultations, tests and hospitalization is also suspended, except in cases of pregnancy and childbirth, minors or dependent persons. The DSD will reinforce communication procedures with patients and their families, via telephone and telematics.
  • The Intensive Care Unit – ICU – has been expanded and has gone from 14 to 34 beds; the same as conventional hospitalisation, which goes from 188 to 236 beds, while the HDU – Home Hospitalisation Unit now offers 45 beds, compared to the 30 it had up to now.

With regard to the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, Luis Carretero, stressed that “the protocols and deadlines are being met, with a strong involvement of professionals.” In this sense, he added that, “in collaboration with Public Health, we will continue working to maintain the highest level of compliance with the objectives of the vaccination plan.”

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