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Please find attached a link to the on-line version of the 41 Club Newsletter for July: As I am sending this email out on the new CAS2 email system I am able to attach a pdf copy of the newsletter to this email too – something which wasn’t possible under the old CAS1 email system. I hope you find the newsletter, in a new format, enjoyable and would appreciate your feedback. All praise goes to my Comms Team, especially Wynn and Mark for this newsletter, any failures in it are mine to own – I have broad shoulders. Keep safe. Yours in Continued Friendship, Don Mullane41 Club National Communications and IT OfficerThe Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs (41 Club)

41 Club Online Shop

Shop A wonderful array of branded accessories and merchandise in our online shop. Everything you could imagine from Jewels to Pin Badges and Y-Fronts to Engraved Pewter Tankards.

41 Club Website

Website There are around 725 41 Clubs in the UK and Eire with a total membership of over 14,500. 41 Club is also an international organisation with 28 countries affiliated to ’41 International’.

41 Club Summer Magazine

Summer Magazine The Magazine – Issue 194 – Summer 2020. The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland. The New Normal?  Tom’s Fundraising Takes Off! 

Dementia UK

National President Peter Good Charity 2020-2022 – Dementia UK Peter has set up a unique and efficient fund raising page and is asking clubs to support him in these efforts.Dementia UK Fundraising.

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