Keith – an encouraging update

Paula has sent the following message. This is wonderful news. Who knows, if he is awake we may even see Keith on tomorrow’s Zoom meeting, even if it is only briefly! Thanks for the update, Paula. Best wishes from the club to you both –

“Keith has had his procedure done today and is back home. They have moved the stone from his bile duct to his intestines so he can pass it naturally. He is feeling a lot better but a bit groggy from the anaesthetic. We are so glad to have it done he has had a rough time over the past few weeks and has lost over a stone and a half in weight.
I am now in the role of responsible adult, not that he is going to take much notice of what I say.
A big thank you to everyone who has kept in touch over the past few weeks, it is very much appreciated.”


  1. Brilliant news. At last it seems there has been a resolution to the problem. God speed Keith and thanks to Paula and Andrew for the update and such heart-warming good news. Alec.

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