An update from Paula –

I have just spoken to Keith ( I am not allowed in the hospital as I am in quarantine). He is feeling much better, but staying in till Monday. You are probably not aware that he has had problems for 13 years, he was blue lighted into hospital on New Years Day with pains just under his ribs. They took one look at his size and decided it was his heart. Once they found his heart was fine they sent him home. The pains continued with varying intensity, they took his Gall Bladder out. It should have been keyhole but it was stuck to his liver and when they pulled it, it burst and was full of gravel. The pains continued and all they offered was to send him to a pain clinic. As you know some years ago he had a bad attack in Spain and they said it was pancreatitis.
When we first arrived in Spain this February he was particularly good and for over two months had no problems. Then for no reason it started again, by the time we got back he was in considerable pain. He phoned our GP, But because we are in quarantine they couldn’t see him and said to go to hospital.
So we broke our quarantine and off we went, I had to leave him as they didn’t want me in the hospital. Since then they have done blood tests, X-ray, CT scan and now plan on doing an MRI scan and an endoscopy on Monday. He is feeling much better and so pleased that all these tests are being done. We have often thought that when they took his gall bladder out some of the gravel was left behind. We have great hopes that his long term problems will be sorted.
I have kept busy today cleaning the bungalow, which wasn’t too bad considering it hasn’t been touched for four months. Next job is the garden we have some magnificent weeds, including a six foot thistle.

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  1. Thanks for the update on Keiths’ condition. It must be heart wrenching for Paula not being allowed to visit. It seems that the recovery journey will now be shortened by the planned MRI scan and why has nobody done this sooner? How very frustrating for them.I look forward to seeing them both fit and well when we return to Calpe later this year.All the best for now,Alec.

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