Covid-19 Cluster 2020

We have received the following, self-explanatory message from the 2020 Cluster chairman.

I will pursue the discussions on the future of the Iberian Cluster.

In continued friendship,


Dear Potential Iberian Cluster 2020 Attendees,

Given the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the whole of Europe and the radical actions of all European countries aimed at combating the threat, it is the decision of the organising committee that the 2020 cluster be cancelled.

The committee note that countries round the world are shutting borders, airlines are cancelling flights, major events are being cancelled, Spanish beaches are off limits and the judgement of the committee is that the COVID-19 issue is not going to disappear before the summer and is likely to continue until the late autumn. This general state of emergency along with the fact that the Cluster usually involves a large number of people from different parts of Spain and Europe all in the ‘at risk’ part of the population has led to the decision to cancel.

Fortunately, we have not committed any payments associated with programme venue bookings etc and will contact all concerned individually to arrange repayment of the deposits we have received.

We trust you view our decision to cancel as reasonable and understand that we feel it would be irresponsible of us to promote a Cluster that could expose us all to a serious health risk.

Finally, we look forward to the outcome of the current discussion about the future of the Cluster.

Mike Proctor

Cluster 2020 Chairman

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