The future of the Iberian Cluster

Dear friends

At the Cluster AGM in November I agreed to gather thoughts on the future of Cluster, for discussion at the 2020 AGM in Nerja. I now attach (below) a first discussion paper.

Each club is asked to make a single submission to me. This should arrive before the end of May. BUT please do not rush this, and please do not send any input before the month of May. We want to be sure that this is given fair consideration by every club.

We in Calpe should discuss this at our March and April meetings.

If anyone has a contact in Gibraltar 41 Club, please request their input too.

My thanks and best wishes,


Iberian Cluster  The Future

A number of concerns have been expressed for the future of the Iberian Cluster. It has been suggested that the current format is “tired”. It has also been suggested that our own members are getting weary, as we get older and that fewer people are available to organise future Clusters.

At the 2019 event in Calpe it was agreed to develop suggestions and options for discussion at the 2020 Cluster in Nerja. Andrew Johnson agreed to coordinate this task. We need to consider both the organisation skills and resource, and the programme (delegate experience).

It was agreed the 2020 in Nerja and 2021 in Mallorca should be planned on the current model, and that any changes agreed would apply after 2021. Each club is now asked to discuss its ideas for the future, and during the month of May to submit to Andrew Johnson its suggestions and recommendations.

Andrew will then produce a discussion paper for the 2020 AGM to consider, and (hopefully) to agree the way forward.

It is worth reminding ourselves that the Iberian Cluster is an informal association of affiliated clubs, located in the Iberian peninsular and associated islands. Affiliation is the requirement for clubs to be included.

To help clubs’ discussions the following thoughts have been expressed so far. It is highly likely that this list is not complete, so please raise others in your discussions –

1) Cluster should be held on alternate years.
2) A Cluster committee should be established, representing all clubs, to organise future events
3) In future the host club should offer a package of events, excluding accommodation. A list of hotels nearby could be supplied, but the host would not be responsible for negotiating or booking accommodation
4) The event should still be held around the beginning of November
5) The dates should be fluid, to allow each host to fit in with local events
6) Cluster is primarily an Iberian event. Visitors from outside Iberia should be welcome, but large numbers of “visitors” does not mark success
7) We should do everything possible to achieve the highest number of delegates possible, with every effort made to promote Cluster beyond the Iberian shores
8) The event should return to a 2-night event, with the option of extending the stay
9) We should return to home hosting
10) The National President, National Councillor and IRO should be encouraged to attend
11) The beachside, town centre hotel (2019) was perfect.

Input during the month of May please to Andrew at

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