David Welpton

We’ve been in touch with Pauline and David.

Pauline tells us, “Sorry we haven’t been in touch, we have had quite a summer. David had a heart attack while we were at the British Grand Prix on the July 14 , he ended up in Milton Keynes hospital even though his attack was small, as he was down to have a new valve and bypass at castle hill hospital they would only transfer him, that took a week. He was then in castle hill for 3 weeks as they did lots of tests, as he had fluid on his lung and they won’t to rule out tb, or lung cancer. Every test came back clear, so he came home for a week, then went back on August 18 for his op. The op went very well, but the drugs and anaesthetic did not agree with him. He had terrible hallucinations and paranoia, it took a long time to go. David final came home on Monday night , but had another lung infection. Early hours of this morning I had to ring for an ambulance and he is now in Hull Royal, for how long I don’t know, but hopefully just overnight, as 7 weeks in hospital is too long. David had just bought a new laptop but he hasn’t been able to use it yet. Hopefully when he comes home he might be able to get his head round it.
We do have a flight booked for October 24th so we are planning to be at cluster, but we will be staying at the villa.
Love Pauline,”

Obviously “quite a summer” is a serious understatement! I’m sure that you all join Kathy and me in sending love and good wishes. We look for to their healthy return.

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