98C3CC35-D0DF-44A5-97CE-DE9D2E4A22BAThe club celebrated the 12 anniversary charter night in our regular setting of the wonderful Restaurante Puerto Blanco.

Chairman Malcolm welcomed National President, Phill Ellis, our own Jill Harris, who is Tangent National President, Past President, and now Chairman of Costa Blance 41 Club, Gordon Macnab, and National Fellowship Officer, Steve James.C298248E-78A3-4BE9-A4FD-989392C6C16C

In total 72 members, wives/partners and guests enjoyed a great meal, in a glorious setting, brief speaches, and all followed by excellent music for dancing from Matt Curtis.

EA4080A2-D21C-4B1B-B510-DAE1BBF4D904Banners were exchanged, gifts were given, and greetings were brought from many officers and friends.

Oh what a night!


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  1. Thank you everyone for supporting our charter dinner, the evening was a great success thanks to you all for being there

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