Brexit and ex-pat matters

Councillor Carole Saunders has asked us to circulate the following –

Dear All,

Please see below the message I received from the Vice Consul which they would like you to forward to all your British members and volunteers.

I would be grateful if you could also transmite to your members that on Friday the 13th of April the British Consul, Sara-Jane Morris, and the Mayor César Sanchez will be holding a meeting concerning Brexit in the Auditorium of the Casa de la Cultura in Calpe at 12.30hrs.

he following week we have invited English speaking officers of the Guardia Civil Traffico branch to give a talk in the Salon Blau of the Casa de la Cultura in Calpe at 12.00hrs. These officers are the ones who run the Facebook N332. Both talks should be very interesting and of course open to questions from the audience so please encourage your members to attend.

Best wishes,


Message from Vice Consul:-

Good morning,

Please find below two videos from HMPO about applying for passports online and how to take advantage of the new digital photo upload system.

If you have charity social media accounts or mailing lists of people who may be interested in this, please do share and forward on:

how to take the perfect photo

Renewing your passport online is easy, convenient and secure.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Sara Munsterhjelm

Sara Munsterhjelm | Vice Consul | British Consulate Alicante | Edificio Espacio, Rambla Méndez Nuñez 28-32, 6a planta, 03002 Alicante EMAIL: | TEL: 00 34 965 21 60 22 | FTN: 8361 2001 |

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