In memory of Vaughan Harris

Jill, whose late husband Vaughan was among the first members of thiss club has worked tirelessly to raise funds for Round Table Children’s Wishes. She has asked us to pass on the following message –

Vaughan was passionate about the charity Round Table Children’s wish and raised approx £200,000 during his lifetime for them and his ambition was to raise £250,000 since he has died the family has raised over £30,000 so we are well on the way . I am currently raffling a jacket of his covered with pins for all of the Round Table family members many of the pins being rare and some back to the 1980’s . Many of the people who have taken part in the raffle are giving it to Marchesi house if they win which I feel would be a great way of showing all the clubs working together. I have raised over £2700 so far and am near the end with the raffle being drawn at the RT national AGM on the 7th may.
Please help me reach his dream tickets are 5 euros each and I will allocate you a ticket or tickets and collect the money at the charter. Thanking you in advance . Please email me on if you would like a ticket and I will send you your raffle ticket number.image

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