Max Williams

SAD NEWS: I have just picked up this sad news from our friend Elaine Mitchell, president of Marina Bauxa U3A.  I know all our members will be extremely saddened to hear that Max Williams passed away very peacefully in his sleep last night. You will be informed when the funeral is – but I know many of you are away. Marie still went to the hospital for her own appointment for her heart and the news there is good, there is no furring or blockage and she has had the necessary proceedure today. She will have to have some surgery on a valve that is not quite right but she is pleased that it is not worse. So, Please think about Marie in your prayers as she comes to terms with losing her solemate and love of her life. As I said – he simply went to sleep. Our thoughts are with Marie and the family. Much love!

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Very sad to hear about Max but not entirely unexpected. We are off to UK this afternoon so will not be able to attend the funeral. If you go, please represent us and tell Marie that we are thinking of her.

    I will be back in time for the meeting next week.


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