Fancy a cuppa?

I was chatting to Pat and Tom Shoemaker this morning, and Pat suggested that members who are here could meet up for a coffee. Even if the rules do not ease at all we can have tables of 6. And obviously we can have multiple table (well maybe 2 or 3).

Do you fancy joining us for coffee at 11am on Thursday 20th. This is a week later than our usual meeting date, but we have hospital the week before.

Let’s meet up at Essenza on the Playa Bol (Paseo Mediterráneo, on the corner of Calle Britannia). There is plenty of parking nearby, but remember that blue spaces must be paid for.

If you can and want to join us do please let me know, so that I can reserve some space (and let you know if plans have to change!)

YICF, Andrew

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